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Police Uniform

Uniform is the first attribute to distinguish a policeman among other people and a good uniform comes to distinguish good policemen. For policemen, uniform is an everyday ware and this is the reason KKF does his best to make the uniform comfortable, good looking, warm and at the same time light and soft to make the life of police easier, thus helping them to make our life better and less dangerous!KKF provides police uniform for all occasions and seasons. Every product we produce has a background of long discussions and great ideas that make every item of a uniform meet any requirement and satisfy the demand of our consumers!

Military Uniform
Military Police Uniform
Police Uniform
Prosecutor`s Office Uniform
Civil Clothes
 #043 Generals Suit markind of good 2212
#044 Coat fabric wool warming made of sheet wadding 
 #045 Short coat markind of good 4416 #046 Rain coat with unbuttoning warm lining cover Gretta 
 #047 Police jacket warmed with unbuttoning for collar fabric Gretta #048 Police suit warmed with unbuttoning warm lining fabric Gretta
 #049 Mens shirt long-sleeved marking of good C1 #050 Womens chemisem short-sleeved marking of good C1 
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