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Civil Clothes

Besides the wide range of uniforms for governmental organization's personnel KKF also remembers about civilians by presenting a very wide range of top quality clothes for every occasion. KKF's civil clothes include shirts, trousers, jackets, waterproof capes and coats both for men and women. KKF's rich experience on the market of civil clothes ensures the highest quality, unique style and the competitive prices to make it's production accessible for people of any income. By choosing KKF's everyday clothes You get complete satisfaction, proven by a long lasting comfort, perfect style and the best quality!

Military Uniform
Military Police Uniform
Police Uniform
Prosecutor`s Office Uniform
Civil Clothes
 #096 Jacket #097 Womens suit jeans 100% cotton 
 #098 Mens shirt jeans 100% cotton #099 Mens shirt 100% cotton 
 #100 Mens shirt 100% cotton #101
#102 Two-way jacket 
#103 Two-way jacket 
#104 Two-way jacket 
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